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Rifle & Shotgun Ammo Chart

Locate your ammunition size below to find corresponding TAC-PAC container.

Rifle & Shotgun Ammunition
  R120 R150 R220 R320 R420 R510 S105 S205
  Info Info Info Info Info Info Info Info
20 Gauge 2.75"              
20 Gauge 3.0"              
12 Gauge 3.0"              
12 Gauge 3.5"              
204 Ruger              
22 Nosler
222 Rem              
223 Rem              
225 Win              
5.56X45 M855              
5.45X39 M74              
6.5 SPC              
6.5 Grendel              
6.8 Rem Special              
300 Blackout              
300 Wisper              
243 Win              
243 Win (Ackley)              
300 Savage              
220 Swift              
6MM Rem              
6.5 Creedmore              
260 Rem              
26 Nosler              
300 WSM              
264 Win Mag              
270 Win              
280 Rem              
7MM Rem Mag              
7MM STW              
300 Win Mag              
28 Nosler              
30 Nosler            
33 Nosler              
7MM RUM              
300 Wby Mag              
300 RUM              
340 Wby Mag              
338 Lapua Mag              
338 RUM              

375 H&H Mag

375 RUM              
416 Dakota              
416 Rigby              
470 Nitro Express              
.50 BMG              



Although the TAC-PAC case is designed for many different calibers of ammunition, due to differences in manufacturing, slight variations of size in the same caliber ammunition can occur. This can alter the way the ammunition fits in any fixed-size ammunition box, including the TAC-PAC case. While the stability and security of ammunition encased in a TAC-PAC container should not be compromised, different brands of ammunition may not fit as tightly in the case. Please contact us for questions.

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